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Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is, well- you can call me MR. ANDERSON, the creator of the Middle Child Workshop. A quick run-through of my background, I am a 90s baby who grew up in the digital era of social media platforms like AIM, Myspace, and ooVoo. Yes, that was a thing in 06. I am indeed a middle child, but that only plays a minor role in all this. The meaning of the name involves more so the pecking order we fall in society, but I'll get to that later.

I grew up in a poor area of EastSide Long Beach, where a juxtaposition of interests ensued. In a Cambodian neighborhood, the norm was liking typical west-coast gangster rap. Whereas, I listened to bands like Blue Oyster Cult, New Order, and Kanye- which was the closest thing to a digital monument. I was often questioned by others, due to my interest in art, music, and bi-racial tendencies. From an early age, I knew this was the feeling of a Middle Child.

After a few awkward years of emo playlists and mixtapes for girls, I decided to get into fashion school in hopes to be a luxury fashion designer. This eventually became streetwear, and I took an internship at a well-known brand under a legendary artist. This is phase one of Middle Child.

After steaming clothes for three days a week, someone on the marketing team asked what I wanted to do after all this. This was it. I was able to tell someone that I, too, wanted to start my brand. He blinked and walked away.

Middle Child once again.

I learned that day, no matter where we've been, or who we are, people are always stuck in the "middle"- Whether it was school, corporate, or working for your hero, you are always on the steps of a ladder. Never on top. Oddly enough, my 20-year-old self wanted to name my brand "Internship"- That did not happen.

From there, Middle Child was born. At least mentally. It wasn't until now that I've started this project. I've always carried the idea with me. Look at it this way. Asian Americans are the Middle Children of the world, Long Beach is the middle children of LA and OC, and fuck... Cambodians are the middle children of the middle children I just mentioned. Always in a place where we don't belong, I create a haven for misfits and outcasts.

Inspired by my love of cyberpunk, anime, and 80 bands come The Middle Child Workshop. Welcome to your digital diary.


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