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Bayo Morgan

From the jump.. If you are from Long Beach, you’ve probably heard of GOLDBY7. If not, you’ve probably seen his fluorescent logo pepper a few hundreds music videos that jumped on your feed. If he isn’t shooting a music video, he’s whipping out fire merch or shooting photos with his signature LA aesthetic. He has already worked with some of the best rising Long Beach talent and is now paving way for a bigger path. After a few seconds of scanning his product, you know there’s something special about his eye for visuals and gathering talent. Scary part about his skillset is that he’s only been doing this for a few years. Basically… the dude’s a natural.

Besides the growing talent and uprise, Middle Child Workshop is fortunate enough to know GOLDBY7 not though his logo or brand ..

But by Bayo Morgan. A Friend.

It pretty much started off in the corner of 39th and Arlington, where Bayo was raised by a religious family and supporting mother. (For reference, any LA local would know this is where the bulk of your 110 Traffic stems from as you pass USC). He described his youth as an interesting narrative on the reality of cultures today. Equal but separate. He grew up in a primarily black neighborhood, attending View Park Prep on Crenshaw and Slauson. We then both shared a laugh, reminiscing on being banged on by gangbangers in our respective area. But in many instances he was left alone, due to his family’s respect in the area.

Then the transition to Long Beach happened.

After passing up on Wilson HS (we’ll take an L for that), Morgan’s family decided to that St. Anthony was the right fit for him. His vision at the time was hooping, holding down a starting position for his 4 years there. For the blog, imma say he averaged a good 30 and 10. He then continued his journey to play ball in a college up north, striving to a goal he worked so hard for.

But then… he realized it wasn’t something he wanted to do. In fact he didn’t really know what he wanted to do (an issue most college students face)

After spending a few more months in college, he decided to chase something he was passionate about. Through the support of his mother and long time girlfriend, he decided to pick up a camera and get the ball rolling.

Now let’s be 100. Bayo is probably one of the most naturally gifted photographers I know, but even he would admit that he had his fair share of growing pains. He learned quickly how freelance worked and the struggles of getting paid in such a saturated market. Through months of shooting photos, he decided he wanted to do something bigger. Shoot videos. Only problem was..he didn’t know where or how to start. With the knowledge from simply studying music videos, he would go on to shoot his first music video with pure instinct. He then looks back, acknowledging his lack of experience at the time.

Like myself, we both attended Youtube University.

Any creative who wanted to learn a new skill knows how crucial it is to be an active member on campus of YTU. All jokes aside, he studied the game hard and learned the fundamentals of videography though trial and error. Shooting for free, Bayo knew he needed it to get better and took the journey to improve. He learned quickly about terminology slash fundamentals, and let his natural eye for visuals take control.

There’s always someone better than you, so I sat back and observed. You have to humble yourself and learn from the individual.”

The learning curve eventually belled out and the name GOLDBY7 started to resonate within the community. I’ve personally seen more and more content churn out through his website and feed with a wide variety of talent. Artists that would recently include Hey Deon, Airplane James, Jayo Cortez, and many more. If there was a music video shot in the LBC, chances are it was done by Bayo or someone affiliated with him. But it isn’t his talent alone that’s separating him from the pack. It’s his genuine personality and the ability to relate to everyone. From the day I met Bayo, he treated me with nothing but absolute respect. We chopped it up with a mutual friend (shout out to Matt), and we’ve kept tabs on both GOLDBY7 and Middle Child Workshop.

And his Character shows.

Everyone I meet in the community of Long Beach somehow knows Bayo because he knows how to bring people together. Through his signature aesthetic and attention to detail, the future of Long Beach and videography is in good hands with a talented human being.

Visit his:

Instagram: @goldby7


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