BLM and Yellow Peril

Originating in the late 1960’s, “Yellow Peril supports Black Power” is seen during the Oakland rally supporting the co-founder, Huey P. Newton, of the Black Panther Party in 1969. The term “Yellow Peril” was used before as a derogatory term to refer to Asians in America, and was reclaimed by the Asian community. Saying that “Yellow Peril supports Black Power” further amplifies the long going support of Black lives from Asians as well as displaying camaraderie between the two minorities in America. The term originated with the purpose of Asians showing solidarity with Black lives and the support for their rights. Black people in America have been fighting for equality and justice since the beginning and have paved greater avenues of freedom and rights of the marginalized. Today, the fight is still ongoing for the Black community and it’s essential to show support and take action for Black liberation. 

We will continue to do our part to support the Black Lives matter in any possible.

In Long Beach diversity is all we know. 100% of our profits will go to the BLM LA Organization via donation. Feel free to contact us if you have any opportunity to help as well!

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