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Words by KING

I have spent my whole life lookin' for that thing that killed my mother, and made me what I am. And every time I take one of those monsters out, I get a little piece of that life back. So don't you tell me about forgetting.

Blade (1998) introduces our favorite vampiric arbitrator onto the big screen. Featuring Wesley Snipes as Eric Brooks, the Daywalker, tells a story of a man repairing what he’s lost by using his cursed gift to slay the one thing that made him, vampires. In a world where everyone wears black and thirsts for red, the Blade universe is one of the thematic presences that Middle Child derives from. We aim to re-captivate the character through our newly released project and mixtape ‘DAY WALKER.’

Some of the best projects are happy accidents. That’s the case for our new project DAY WALKER. The models featured in the photo shoot are Jackie Ho and Graham Jenkins. We’ve done projects with them before, but this time around, Ms.Ho pitched us the idea. With the experience of being an actual stunt woman and Blade being a grassroots part of our studio, the project only made sense for us to carry out.

The project seeks to put the viewer what it feels like to be stared down by the vampire mercenary, Jackie Ho. From her expertise with the blade as a stuntwoman to her leather fitted suit, you can hear the pulsing tech beats vibrating from the pictures and into your mind.

Juxtaposingly, Graham Jenkins represents what vampire society looked like in the late 90s. Unsurprisingly, it’s a pair of black slacks on a black blazer. But you don’t let the clothes wear you, you wear the clothes. He wears the basic outfit to its fullest potential, drawing out the same terrifying ferocity Frost (the film's antagonist) brought to the big screen.

With the project is a mixtape curated by one of Middle Child’s creative interns, Jaren Uch. The twenty-song track list engulfs you in the highs and lows of the film. The mixtape kicks in with “Control” by Traci Lords, the track played during the film’s infamous opening scene— the Bloodrave. By the end of the tape, we find ourselves listening to “Grown Hatred For You” by Riovaz, reminding us of Blade's continued hatred for his kind, something also explored in the movie’s ending scene.

Being his first mixtape under Middle Child, he approached it as “if it was a soundtrack for the photo shoot.” Inspired by the Bloodrave opening scene, the mixtape is composed of this boiling pot of techno, hardstyle, and dark rage.

As for the creator’s pick, he says his “favorite record of the mixtape was definitely “How U Feel” by Destroy Lonely. I liked how it matched w the vibe of the actual song from the club scene, while also being a different genre from the original song. The song has a certain dark feeling that makes it cool.”

DAYWALKER is a passion project and plays to the passion of Middle Child’s midnight elegance. For any vampires and familiars reading this article, Jackie Ho and Blade send their regards;

It’s open season on all suck heads.

Written 23 June 2023

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