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Focused on story-telling, concepts, and brand-building through art, Middle Child aims to curate projects for those wanting to break out of the syndrome chained to our name. Based in Little Cambodia, California, our purpose is to break away from being subjugated as the Middle Children of history.

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Middle Child stems from the syndrome our name takes from. Being overlooked, ignored, and doubted are prevalent emotions our name pulls from. The creative studio's emerging point comes from when the owner, Christian Middle Child, interned in the fashion industry. Doubted and cast aside when he became vocal about his ambitions is when the feeling of being a Middle Child cemented into his world.

To fight back against these doubts, creating merchandise to sell was the plan of attack until he saw the bigger picture. Breaking away from the Middle Child curse would take more than soulless clothing drops. We now aim to uplift and revitalize the space around us through multiple forms of art.

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