To be Cambodian in America is to be a middle child — overlooked, silenced and feeling like you don’t belong. We at Middle Child Workshop are here to say that is no longer. Not if we can help it. We’re here to be heard. To be seen. To lift each other up.

We want to use our platform to share profiles of fellow Khmer creatives in different fields ranging from art and film to culinary and fashion with the hopes of inspiring the next generation of Khmer kids. In truth, we are creating this community to become more in tune with our heritage. We want to acknowledge and honor our past to lay a solid foundation for a future we can call our own.

Long Beach, California is home to the second largest population of Cambodians outside of our Mother Country. That’s where Middle Child Workshop grew its roots. We are moving beyond the city to connect with other Cambodian-Americans – the ones who thought they were alone.

We hear you. We see you. You are a Middle Child and you are welcome here.